We Reach Nearly 50% People 12+  

and over 300,000 on social media

- Playing the 90's, 2K and Today

- Consistent ratings leader

- 25-54 target (leaning female)

- Top tier morning show, "HammerTime" with Gregg Hammer, Shawnee Hammer and Wayne Maria, ranks at the top of numerous demos from 18-54

- Hawaii's "At Work" station

- Hawaii's longest running dedication show "Love Songs" 

- Strong qualitative and quantitave


- The originators of Hawaiian Reggae radio

- Established in 1990

- The Most Hawaiian Hit Music

- Well known hosts, Big Teeze anchors mornings and J.Irie takes you home in your afternoon drive

- Consistent top 10 station for cume and ratings

- Biggest local concert, THE BASH, sells out the Waikiki Shell every year since 1990


- Hawaii's Hit Music Channel

- Strong reach, young energetic on air presentation

- Anchored by Dex and Candace Kay of The Morning Show, and Micah Banks in the afternoon, one of the markets most popular and visible personalities

- Target audience is 18-34

- Excellent qualititave


- The Hawaiian Music Station playing Traditional and Contemporary Hawaiian music

- Engaging, fun and local morning show featuring Mele Apana and Shannon Scott

- Consistently strong reach, one of the highest in the market

- 35-64 target

- Community oriented

- A must buy in Hawai'i both culturally, quantitavely, and qualitatively as Hispanic would be in South Beach and Los Angeles



Danielle Tucker provides traffic reports from the City and County of Honolulu Traffic Management Center where she has access to the most extensive traffic camera systems in Honolulu.

This allows her to warn and re-direct our listeners to help lessen the pain of an extra long commute.

Traffic reports on Hawaii Summit Media stations are the highest rated features for our listeners.

We provide exclusive share of voice for our advertisers plus you receive the good will for sponsoring these important reports.

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